Hayley Baron

“Hayley is a fully qualified counsellor who works with her clients Humanistically, while employing a variety of other techniques, to tailor the work towards the client’s individual needs…”

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James Bickerdike

“James is a qualified counsellor, who completed a BACP accredited degree in Theology and Counselling, and as such holds the BACP code of ethical practice in mind in all the work he does. 

He works in a Person Centred method, whilst drawing on elements of CBT, Gestalt and Psychodynamic Theories to best help each individual client.  He strongly believes that he is there to help and the only expert in the room is the client themselves….”

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Joe Carter

“Joe works collaboratively with people, together building a clearer understanding of how life’s feeling and exploring different responses to those feelings that can lead to better outcomes. Practising in the counselling field since 2002, Joe has seen that approaching therapy in a relaxed way and in a relaxed setting, helps everyone feels more relaxed. That’s a good place to start looking at the truth of how things are feeling…

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Peter Frewer

“Peter uses a humanistic approach to his counselling, which incorporates person centred, Gestalt, existentialism and the psychosynthesis approach. He has also studied counselling for children and young people, working with adult survivors of sexual abuse in childhood…”

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Lauren Speller

“Lauren is a fully qualified counsellor who works with her clients using an integrative counselling approach. Her approach centres around working Humanistically which ensures the client and counsellor build a safe and trusting relationship, and focus on the clients self-development and personal growth. However she also uses a number of different approaches and techniques tailored to suit each client’s individual needs…

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Gini Stirling

“Gini has worked with young people and adults throughout her career in education and training and is very experienced in the initial assessment of the needs of individuals. Gini undertakes many of the intake sessions on behalf of JHD Counselling Services Ltd; ensuring that the closest match from the Team of JHD Counsellors can be provided for individual clients.”

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Jamil Vazquez

“Jamil believes the most important qualities for a counsellor to possess are genuineness & empathy. It is his purpose to create an atmosphere in which the client feels fully accepted exactly where they are. Jamil’s training was integrative in nature including studies on crisis, career, group, child and family counselling. His training also emphasized the importance of creating an individual treatment plan for each client to meet their specific needs…”

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Mark Welsh

“Mark really values the importance of building a trusting relationship in a safe environment in which clients feel free to explore their issues, experiences and feelings. Every client is different and so he tends to work integratively adapting to the unique needs of each client…”

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Barbara Wibbelmann

“Since qualifying as a counsellor, Barbara has worked short-term with homeless clients and long-term with clients with mental health problems.

She mainly works according to the person-centred model which means that she aims to relate to her clients rather than diagnosing them or interpreting their experiences. It is her belief that every person has within themselves a deep reservoir of resources to deal effectively with life’s challenges and can find their own inner truth when it comes to decision-making and dialoguing with others.”

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