Hayley Baron

“Hayley is a fully qualified counsellor who works with her clients Humanistically, while employing a variety of other techniques, to tailor the work towards the client’s individual needs…”

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Peter Frewer

“Peter uses an humanistic approach to his counselling, which incorporates person centred, Gestalt, existentialism and the psychosynthesis approach. He has also studied counselling for children & young people, working with adult survivors of sexual abuse in childhood…”

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Tim McCreadie

“Tim uses an Integrative approach, which combines the three main traditional models of counselling to provide a safe, non judgemental and confidential space for the client to explore any issues they may be experiencing.  Identifying and drawing upon resources that sometimes you do not realise that you possess during those times when life seems to have more faith in your ability to cope than you have in yourself…”

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Sally-Jane Papworth

“Sally-Jane Papworth began her career as as a Student Nurse in 1978, qualifying in 1981. Throughout her nursing career she has worked with people with severe head injuries and physical disabilities, in permanent care and in rehabilitation units as well as working in Older people’s services. Sally-Jane has managed individual units as well as a portfolio of nursing environments as a Regional Manager…”

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Lauren Speller

“Lauren is a fully qualified counsellor who works with her clients using an integrative counselling approach. Her approach centres around working Humanistically which ensures the client and counsellor build a safe and trusting relationship, and focus on the clients self-development and personal growth. However she also uses a number of different approaches and techniques tailored to suit each client’s individual needs…”

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Mark Welsh

“I really value the importance of building a trusting relationship in a safe environment in which clients feel free to explore their issues, experiences and feelings. Every client is different and so I tend to work integratively adapting to the unique needs of each client…”

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Brian White

“Brian is an integrative counsellor who is trained in a number of approaches including humanistic, cognitive behavioural and psychodynamic therapy. He aims to employ any technique that helps the client grow in a warm, safe and non-judgemental environment…”

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