“Practically perfect in every way. Standard was A1 – big pat on the back.”

“The course has been organised very well, all the information was clear too. Well done Carol and the team.”

“Did exactly what it said on the tin. Clear objectives, variety of tasks to be creative and access deeper levels of our self throughout the process. Well balanced, enjoyable and insightful. Whole weekend we were kept ‘safe’ with others and it was fun.”

“It was brilliant, everything flowed nicely. All exercises were creative, useful and great fun. Fab!. I would happily come on this course again.”

“Very clear, very effective communication. So much craft ‘stuff’ to play with. Good variation. Good timings with plenty of breaks. Lots of reflection time. I’m looking forward to the next one!”

“Great exercises that really made me think, and plenty of resources to draw on. The structure of the course was good too, as was the balance of sessions vs breaks/free time. Carol, Annette and Natalie were great leaders and facilitators and held us safely throughout the 2 days.”

“The spread of exercises and content worked really well across the 2 days. Really valuable learning experience that will stay with me in my practice and my life as a whole. Really glad I came.”

“The tasks were informative, range was great. Very creative. Teaching style is excellent and free, allowing individuality.”

“Very well organised. I really appreciated the blending of the theory/tasks with the follow up of skills practice. Teaching delivery was very learner centred. Simple instructions were given.”

“An array of resources, lots of choice. Felt very well catered for in terms of materials to work with. Variety of exercises was really stimulating and challenging. Really calm, productive, supportive atmosphere.”

“I felt that the whole weekend had been thought about / planned and timed well. The resources provided were great. The content was done in perfect order.”

“Communication throughout was clear and concise. Nice pace of exercises and variation. Liked the mix of large group, small group and 1-2-1 discussions/exercises. Delivery was great. Whole experience has been extremely useful and enriching.”

“Everything organised well. All things communicated therefore no confusion at any time and everything ran smoothly.Delivery was good and not rushed. Filled time well.”

“Really well organised. Just the right amount of activities and time for reflection. Didn’t feel pressured or rushed. Relaxed but professional. Great weekend. Really enjoyed it.”

“Course/break times stuck too exactly. I knew where I had to be and when. Lots of resources. Excellent teaching experience. All in all a very enjoyable weekend. I am sure that I will draw upon the knowledge gained for a long time in the future.”

“I enjoyed every minute of the course – it was too short. Carol was a great teacher.”

“Carol is very knowledgeable and inspirational.”

“Carol is an excellent teacher. I cannot think of any negatives about the course. It has been refreshing, interesting and inspirational. Very worthwhile.”

“Carol is a fantastic teacher – very inspiring.”

“Tutor was excellent. She was confident and supportive. Her approach and example showed us the professional way to be.”

“Our tutor is very helpful and supportive, She always encourages us to participate so that we can build up our confidence in sharing our experiences and feelings.”

“Carol is an excellent teacher. She is very kind and understands how we feel.”

“The Learning experience I have had to date has been positive – giving me opportunities for learning and development I had not expected. This is due to the tutor’s encouragement and teaching methods.”

“The teaching delivery, handouts and overall learning experience was excellent. The expectation of the tutor was clear and consistent from the beginning. I knew what I had to achieve and the tutor’s approach helped us grow as individuals by allowing us to work on our own. This is the best structure and teaching experience I have received in education.”

“Carol is an excellent tutor, I could not have had a better one.”

“Carol was an excellent teacher and the group was very focussed on learning. I feel like I learned a lot. I am very grateful for the experience.”

“I have found Carol to be highly effective and inspirational in teaching me about both the theory of counselling and the practical aspects of what it is to be a counsellor. She facilitates rather than dictates which really helps to open me up to the possibilities that are open to me.”