Peter Frewer

Peter Frewer

Peter is an accredited professional member of the National Counselling Society and a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. Peter is a qualified Integrative Counsellor who has experience of working with a range of issues covering, but not exclusive to Bereavement and Loss, Depression and Anxiety, Eating Disorders, Body Image Issues and Survivors of Sexual Abuse and Rape.

Peter has a humanistic approach at his core, using a mix of CBT approaches but delivered humanistically showing clients empathy, congruence and unconditional positive regard. Peter acknowledges the importance of clients’ past and offers the opportunity to his clients for exploration of their past and how it affects their behaviours in the here and now. Helping clients explore how they react or feel about troubling or disturbing events, which can be an indicator of locked or hidden trauma. Enabling the client to unlock and free themselves from these feelings.

In 2015 Peter completed a diploma to work with Children and Young People. He then went on to complete a course on working with depression and anxiety. Peter will often use a creative approach bringing into his session work visual aids such as drawings or clay, CBT worksheets or guided meditation to enable clients to free themselves from trauma. In 2016 Peter trained to work with survivors of sexual abuse and rape, since he has worked with many survivors presenting with an array of issues surrounding this with his work. In 2019 Peter completed a Person Centred Counselling for Depression course at Nottingham University.

Peter also tutors adults who wish to become counsellors in Cambridge and provides counselling support to a variety of the colleges attached to Cambridge University, working with students who are suffering mental health issues and helping them resolve any issues they may be experiencing. He also carries out work in Suffolk working with Children and Young People as well as continuing to work as part of the NSFT Wellbeing Service in Ipswich.

Peter will provide a safe environment for the client to explore themselves and their issues and increase their capacity of self awareness. It is Peter’s belief that for a client to truly feel safe and able to explore their own issues, the client needs to feel excepted for the person they are without fear of being judged. For a client to achieve this Peter works towards ensuring the client/counsellor relationship is an equal relationship where the client has autonomy.

Areas of Specialism:

Anxiety, Bereavement, Body Image, Child Abuse, Children & Young People, Creative Work in Therapy, Depression, Eating Disorders, Emotional Abuse, Mental Health, Rape & Sexual Abuse, Relationships, Safeguarding, Self-Esteem, Self-Harm, Stress, Suicide, Young People

Tutor for:

Level 4