Welcome to our trainers’ page. Please see below our highly trained and experienced training team. Many you will see at our very own training centre, whilst others are on the road offering our sought after services to external contractors. 

Sue Arnold

Level 1 tutor

Vicki Benson

Level 1 & 2 tutor,
Level 3 lead tutor


Sam Bishop

Level 1 tutor


Jo Clarke

Level 2 lead tutor

Alice Davies

Level 1 tutor,
Level 2 support tutor

Peter Frewer

Level 3 & 4 tutor
and trainer


Carol Harmston-Dean

Level 1,2 & 3 tutor,
Level 4 lead tutor,
IV and trainer


Isha Mehta 

Level 1 tutor,
Level 2 support tutor,
Process group facilitator
and trainer

Theresa McCaskie

Level 4 supervisor
and trainer


Emily Plater

Support tutor,
Process group facilitator


Guy Snape

Level 1 tutor
and trainer


Brenda Soar 

Level 1 & 3/4 tutor,
Level 2 lead tutor,
IV and trainer

Sara Stevens

Level 3/4 lead tutor 


Juliet van der Velden

Level 1 tutor


Dawn Warwick

Level 1 tutor


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