JHD has launched in Lancashire

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Several years ago, Carol Harmston-Dean founded JHD Counselling to offer counselling services to people in Cambridgeshire and its surroundings. The last few years have been successful for the organisation and we have been able to reach out to more people in need of our support – individuals, couples and families, schools, and even some of the Cambridge Colleges. With this, the team has grown and there’s now a whole group of people passionate about mental health and well-being running JHD.

In tandem with this, Carol led the training of the next generation of Counsellors and we have now had several cohorts of trainee Counsellors pass through the JHD Training Centre and become qualified Counsellors. In doing so, when Carol made the decision to move to Lancashire, she had created a model that could work anywhere, and one in Cambridgeshire that would endure.

JHD in Cambridgeshire is thriving and continues to help people over here, but unable to rest on her laurels, Carol has begun the work of establishing a second chapter of JHD in the North-West of England. She continues to work with the team here in Cambridge, and we are wishing her all the success in creating ‘up North’ what she has been able to develop down here.

If you want to know more about JHD in Lancashire you can visit the website we have in development, and you are also welcome to e-mail Carol on info@jhdcounselling.co.uk.